Plan Your Trip Like a Boss, (with a little help from your friends).

Okay, close your eyes, and imagine yourself in the most perfect of situations. Maybe it is sitting on a balcony looking at the Atlantic ocean after a near perfect day of casting to bonefish. Or perhaps on the quiet side of a mountain river, remenicing about the brown trout that you saw rise to your fly earlier. What do you see? This is the place that we want for you. This is the biggest part of your planning, what is it going to take for you to quietly say to yourself, “man, I can’t believe that I’m here!” Virtually everything else is merely logistics.


Follow along with me here, as there are many variables, we can cut through these rather easily. When I plan a trip, I like to start with the desires. Which species do I wish to pursue?, What level of comfort do I desire to experience? Do I want to experience a certain ambiance, like crisp, cool mountain air, or do I want to experience the warmth of the Caribean Sun on my face? Which is it for your dream trip?

Next, I go through the constrains. For me, the biggest constraint is being away from my family. Other constraints might be: Time of the year that you could travel. How long that you can be away. A big one is sometimes budget. I find that an often overlooked constraint is the angler’s skillset at the time of departure. If a beginner fly fisher goes to Belize for permit, they might leave that beautiful place frustrated from trying to stalk one of the World’s toughest fish to catch on the fly. Another big constraint is gear, do you have, or will you have the gear that it takes to achieve the success that you wish. Some people have medical constraints, and some have physical, and others have dietary. Whatever challenges, I can tell you with certainty, they can be overcome.

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