BlackBack Fishing Lodge

Cayo Jutias, Cuba


True Cuban Culture is but a short plane-flight away.

What do you get when you cross Cuban habitat, and culture with Argentine hospitality? A World class destination! This is exactly what is offered at this exclusive MyFlyFishing.Club destination. Cayo Jutias (North West part of Cuba) is the perfect place to chase Bonefish, Snook, Baby tarpon, (all year), and Migratory Tarpon, (April-September), and the occasional Permit..


Your host from the lodge will meet you at the airport, and transport your party to your lodging for an evening in the infamous Havana. You can take a shower, and relax, then your host will be your guide to Havana. Think of what it would be like to go back in time, see cars that have been on the road since the 50’s. Meet the charming Cuban people, take in the beautiful Cuban architecture. Experience local cuisine, have a nice rest in Cuba’s Capital, or experience the nightlife. The next morning, hit the road in a private van, and take in the Cuban country-side on a 3 hour drive to this beautiful, private lodge. Get settled in, then fish until you are satisfied. This is a warm up for the next four days! Have you ever wished you could have fly fished Florida before it got hammered with people? This is exactly the scenario in Cuba. In Fact, our hosted MyFlyFishing.Club trip April 27th-May3rd with Fly Fishing Legend Jim Teeny was the first U.S. Fly Fishing Anglers to stay in this Wonderful Lodge. Blackback is the only fishing operation in this area, so get ready to experience some virgin water.

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Argentine hosts, and Cuban guides far out-shot the expectation of being hospitable. Being that these guys are from Argentina, they have allot of connections with customers there, and get pretty busy, if you are thinking of giving Cuba a visit, you should consider giving this lodge a try, but book well in advance. We visited this lodge recently, and have to say that we were blown away with the food, accommodations, and service that we received here. Cuban people are very warm, whatever they have, they wanted to share with us. I have never had so much fresh fruit in my life! Possibly the greatest experience with this outfit is the shore lunch. We stop at beaches with trees, the guides cook langusta, and fresh fish on an open fire. As stupid as it sounds, my favorite was the fish, (red snapper in this case). It truly was delectable, as was the whole service aspect of this trip. The fishing was slow, we had few shots at tarpon, and snook. The majority of the habitat at this location is sea-side rivers, and mangroves. There were a few sandy beaches, and some turtle grass flats, we focused mainly on tarpon.

If it is your desire to experience true Cuban culture, (before it is tourized), this is the perfect fly fishing destination for you, but do it quickly, because the word is getting out!

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Fly Fishing Package/ 1 overnight in Havana, 5 days, 6 nights,

• FRIDAY: Arrive in Cuba

• Arrival at the Jose Marti International Airport in Havana. Transfer to the hotel and / or Private Home in Havana. Free afternoon until the next day: • Walks • Sightseeing • Restaurants

• SATURDAY: Transfer to Santa Lucia

• 09:30 - Breakfast. 
• 10:30 - Transfer to Santa Lucia. 
• 13:00 - Lunch. 
• 14:30 - Accommodation at the BBF Lodge Santa Lucia. 
• 3:00 pm - Reception. 
• 16:30 - Planning meeting. 
• 5:00 pm - Afternoon free (optional activities, outside program) 
• Visit to the cigar factory, (excellent smokes)!
• Visit to the Viñales National Park. 

• FISHING DAYS (Sunday through Thursday)

• 06:30 - Breakfast. 
• 07:00 - Transfer from the Lodge to the Marina in Cayo Jutias. 
• 07:30 - Start of Fly fishing day. 
• 12:30 - Return for lunch to the Marina (optional), or Shore Lunch! 
• 6:30 pm - Fly fishing day ends. 
• 7:00 pm - Transfer back to the Lodge. 
• 19:30 - Reception with drinks at the lodge. 
• 21:00 -
 Dinner at The Lodge 

• Friday: Transfer to Havana

• 08:00 - Breakfast. 
 Transfer to Jose Marti International Airport

Trip Cost: $4,300 Hosted Trip Cost: $4,540 Per rod, based on double occupancy. Fishing capacity is 4 rods, Lodge capacity is 8 people.


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Booking Information:

This trip is offered exclusively to U.S. Citizens only by our Club. Fill out the information below, schedule a coaching session with our pro staff that has been on this trip, or call (405) 650-5654 for more information on this trip.