Villa Cabo San Antonio

West Cuba’s Newest Kid on the Block


Imagine being the first fly fisher to wade a flat, ever! This is what this place is about.

Cabo San Antonio is a biosphere reserve that has been illegal to fish for the last forty years. In this time, there have been a couple of tourist hotels that have been open to beach-goers, but has been virtually untouched for fishing. If you desire something out of the ordinary, but wish to still have the creature comforts of nice accommodations such as air conditioning in your private room, look no further. As of the time of building this page, this operation has only been going for about a month and a half, they are still exploring these virgin waters. During this trip, we found an abundance of baby tarpon, , some bigger tarpon, (up to 100 pounds) allot of bonefish, up to 5-6 pounds, and quite possibly the dumbest permit known to man!