Casting Series Overview


Beginner’s Casting Series

If you are a complete beginner, have no fear we can get you there! In allot of ways we appreciate a “blank slate” with our clients. You have not learned any bad habbits yet! This series is designed to take one month. We start this series with an introduction, and the “Basis Drill.” This introductory video is offerred for free, the next in the series are for members only. Have fun and get results is our goal, let us help you obtain your goals!


Intermediate Casting Instructional Series

We classify Intermediate fly casters as a people that can do the following: Has developed muscle memory with a “dry rod.” Understands the breathing excercises. Can cast 40 feet overhead and roll cast with no problem. Has mastered the single haul. Can run 30 feet of line overhead with a 3 foot loop.

What we look to teach with this series is found on the Intermediate Fly Casting Series, which is only available to MyFlyFishing.Club Members.


Advanced Fly Casting Series

Once a member completes the Intermediate corse, passes the tests, and graduates, they can go to the Advanced Fly Casting Series. This program is designed to help take the Fly Caster to the Mastery level. This corse is designed to take a year to complete. Members in good standing, and graduates of our Intermediate class, (or tested out) can view this content.