10 Tips to Enhance Your Fly Fishing Travels.


Fly Fishing is a blast, we love it, but can also end up in calamity. Here are 10 simple tips to ensure that you stay on the fun side!

1) Communication: Make sure that you cell phone is going to work wherever you are going. If there is no chance of this, consider getting a “burner.” Sounds like spy stuff, but in an emergency, it can make the difference, especially on DIY trips.

2) Super-packer: Don’t pack too much stuff, (this a hard one for me, I love my equipment). Think of the weight limits, and baggage limits. Also, some destinations will need a detailed list of equipment; Cuba for instance needs a detailed list of camera equipment that will be brought into the country.

3) Currency: Don’t forget to get some local currency at the airport, and have a plan on getting more if needed. Take note of Banks when you are out and about.

4) Screwed: Make sure to get traveler’s insurance. If anything goes wrong with your trip that is out of your control, say a weather event occurs. I have seen medical problems that rear their ugly heads abroad. One person that I know of had a heart attack on a boat in the Bahamas. You can get refunded. There is allot of money tied up in a trip between equipment, airfare, destination, Visas, time away from business, etc. We offer a discount on traveler’s insurance. Check it out.

5) Wrong Equipment: There is no value in getting to a destination for Tarpon, and finding that you brought your 5 Weight trout rod. Make sure to check with our recommended equipment email that you will receive for any MyFlyFishing.Club trip that you are scheduled for.


6) No Skills: MyFlyFishing.Club recommends one month of training three times a week prior to your fly fishing trip for detailed skills needed. We are going to Cuba in three weeks, and have been casting the 12wt for about two weeks. Also, fly fishing for largemouth bass with it, and practicing stripsetting, just to insure that we don’t set hooks like a grade schooler! We want to cross some eye balls, and are willing to put the time in!

7) Feedback: The greatest part about being in a club is that you have like minded, similar interested people that share information. Utilize our forum before going on a trip that you have never been on. Ask your fellow members if they would be willing to share about their experience of said destination. This might be the best information that you could get about a destination.

8) Credit: Inform your credit card company that you will be traveling. There are not allot of things that are as frustrating as trying to purchase something, and getting your card shut down because of “suspicious activity.” Then spending the next hour and a half trying to get it turned back on. Avoid this mess, just make the call!

9) Safe: Make sure that you keep your valuables safe. Get an anti-theft bag for your person. Most destinations will have a safe in the room, or property. Make sure of it, if they don’t, consider other places to stay. It sucks to get your stuff stolen.

10) Visa, and immunity: Check the visa requirements for the countries that you are going to. Also, look up the recommended list of immunities for the destination from the CDC.

In summery, I am not the person that is the planning dude, but even I understand the value in spending the time do do these things. If you do, it will help make sure that you have fun on your trip, vs. having a potentially devastating problem. Anyway, good luck, and as always, if you need more information, please reach out. We are here for you! Thank you for your time. MFF.C

Tight lines!

Donnie Price