How to Save Money on Fly Fishing Destinations.

Untamed Angling is a big name in fly fishing destinations. That is why when I received an E-mail from the Director of marketing for this group, I paid attention. I read the e-mail, and quickly came to realize that thay had a lot of cancellations, and not just the crappy dates, but some good slots. So, I wanted to share it with you folks. Now if you are unfamilliar with Untamed Angling, they own five of the most sought after jungle fly fishing lodges in the World, with places that are teaming with every toothy critter that occupies all of my adventurous buddies bucket lists. We are talking some of the best peacock bass water known to man. Places tha tyou can spot, and stock trophy sized dorado in clear, free-stone rivers. They even have specialty locations that target the prized arapaima as big as the boat that took you. Below are the places, dates, and availability of these locations. One word of caution, move fast, because they are offerring a 20% dicount, and these dates will not last long. Also, we have hyper links to the web site of the idividual web site for the destination, just tell them that we sent you.

Tsimane (Bolivia)
June 15 to June 22 (Pluma lodge) (3 Spots)

June 22 to June 29 (Pluma lodge) (4 Spots)

July 6 to July 13 (Pluma lodge)  (2 Spots)
July 13 to July 22 (Pluma lodge)  (1 Spot)
July 27 to Aug 3 (Pluma lodge)  (2 Spots)
Aug 3 to Aug 10 (Pluma lodge)  (1 Spot)

Aug 24 to Aug 31 (Pluma lodge)  (1 Spot)

October 5 to October 12 (Pluma lodge) (1 Spot)

June 21 to June 28 (Sécure lodge) (2 Spots)

June 28 to July 5 (Sécure lodge) (4 Spots)

July 12 to July 19 (Sécure lodge) (3 Spots)

Sep 6 to Sep 13 (Sécure lodge) (1 Spot)

Kendjam (Brazil):

Aug 25 to Sep 1(1 spot)

Sep 1 to Sep 8 Sept  (3 spots)

Sep 8 to Sep 15 (2 spots)

Pirarucu (Brazil):

Sep12 to Sep 17 (4 spots)

Sep 22 to Sep 27 (5 spots)

Oct 19 to Oct 27 (2 spots)

Rio Marie (Brazil):

Sep 25 to Oct 3 (3 spots)

Oct 30 to Nov 7 (2 spots)

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