The Most Magnificent Brown Trout that I have ever Caught Fly Fishing.

Hello all, my name is Donnie Price, and I am the first member of MyFlyFishing.Club

Recently, I have been thinking allot about how to let other members get to know me, and what I have come up with seems pretty simple: Tell people the stories of the greatest times that I have had doing the sport that I love. In this portion, I have a really neat update, it is the biggest, and most magnificent brown trout that I have ever caught, (and landed) on a fly rod. So here is my story:

I was speaking with a fellow passionate fly angler on the phone about his trips to TIERRA DEL FUEGO, (a place that I have absessed over for decades). I told him that I wanted to go badly, but I don’t think that I will be able to for decades due to kids. When I said that, he blurted out, “you know, I have been to a place here in the U.S. that is actually beeter fly fishing than that!” My attention went into super-focused mode, as I asked, “Oh yeah, where is that?” I completely expected him to be pulling my leg, or for him to lie to me. He sounded earnest, so I continued to listen to his stories of year after year hitting this same spot for MONSTER Browns. I did some checking, and it looked to be legit. So I planned my trip, booked the airfare, and made the arrangements. I am a firefighter, and my work then had a policy that made it possible to cancel leave, even after it was scheduled, and they did, which killed the trip. I was devastated.

It took another four years to get the trip planned again, but plan I did. This time, it did kick off. My heart pounded as I climbed aboard the plane with my then camera man, and continued dear friend Jeff Keen. When we landed, it was a short trip to get our rental car, then a road trip for about an hour. We got to the Inn that we were staying, we couldn’t get the papers signed fast enough, but eventually did. We then stopped by a local fly shop, to purchase a license, and flies, (information about the river, and fishing), and the guy working the shop told me that the river was pretty blown out, so he would not even waste the time, but we came a long way to see this fishery, so we loaded up, got on our waders, and set off to the river. I didn’t believe that I would actually catch any fish based off of his information, (not worth the price of the flies that I purchased), so I didn’t pack my net, (BIG MISTAKE)!

We started on the path, that led to the trail. This place is beautiful, I was thinking to myself. We had timed it perfectly for the Autumn colors. The vivid colors of red, orange, and groves of chartreuse, were splendid. The air was fresh and sweet from a recent rain, and the skies threatened more.

When we made it to the river bank, it definetly was up, murky, and fast. I needed to tie something on that would get some attention, so I went with the size 8 clown wig, tied on the river bank. I weighted it heavily to get it to where I believed the biggest of fish would be, (on the bottom). I pout on a huge white thingy-ma-bobber, and entered into the “Angling State.” It started to rain again. This meant that we would have to use the rain protection for the camera, which was Hell on sound, and quality of shot. But we continued.

I waded to a likely place, a slide hole on the top of a riffle. It was pinched by a boulder on the opposite bank. The current went a bit soft in this place. I started close, swung one about twenty feet from me, then 25, then 30. I saw some nervous water about 40 feet from me, so I made a cast to what I thought the appropriate distance upstream, and across form this spot. The cast was about 60 feet. I let it ride for about 10 feet, sinking the fly), then I set a big upstream mend with the line, which pulled my fly into the zone that I wanted. The strike indicator drifted dragless for about 20 more feet, then the strike indicator went down slowly. “Oh great, I found the bottom,” I thought, but just to make sure, I will set into it. The rod bagan shaking in a fashion that just screamed BIG HEAD SHAKE! I have a monster on, but what is it? Now the reason that these beastly brown trout are here is to eat chinook salmon spawn, so I believed at this point that I hooked a salmon. I have done this a thousand times fishing for big rainbows in Alaska, but this fish was not nearly as bullish as I remember big Chinook’s runs. He finessed me, then screamed downstream to an unmanagable point in the river. It was a very fast pinch slide under the riffle that I was fishing atop of. Regardless, I was making my stand there. Now remember, I don’t have a net, and I had on 6 LB test fluorocarbon. I gingerly fought this fish in high current, and steep banks for 20 minutes. I headed him into the bank 5 times. Each time he got close to me, I thought, “this is it!” Then he would point his goliath head back to the mid-stream and pump with that big rudder! I thought “Oh No!” I finally got my hand around his tail, at he smallest part, it was thicker than my wrists. His adapose fin was 4 inches long. His Kiped beak pumped up and down, indicating that I gave him a great work out. I could not believe how awesome of a fish this was, I couldn’t even talk! This vindicated the countless hours of casting practice, or the getting my teeth kicked in on some river that was far above my skill level. My Camera Man was shaking with the video camera. We had been chasing trophy fish for so long, and it is finally happening! Both Jeff, and I were astounded by the beauty, size, and fortitude of this magnificent fish!

I admired him as long as I could let myself, and it was time to send him back to his mysterious World. I let him go with a small push, but did not have enough, I had to touch him one more time. With my Left hand, I once again gently gained his tail, as if to prove to myself that I owned this fish, but was willfully letting him go, then her returned to the current.

This story happenned about 6 years ago. I have had this footage, but have been so scared to put it together. Part of me didn't know the direction that I wanted to go with it, the biggest part was chicken to hear the trolls screaming, “Where’s Your Net?!!!!” I guess that I am beyond caring now. I know that I want to help others enjoy this sport. If I just accomplish this goal, then the trolls just kind-of disappear. I guess there is a lesson in this alone. Find your direction, find what you want to accomplish, then the rest will fall into place.

There is one more lesson in this. Don’t listen to the “Nay-Sayers.” I would not waste my time is the famous last words of allot of really great stories. If you want something, work your ass off, and make it happen. It is my dream to have this club, to make it work. To share my stories. To help those frustrated. To help more get into this sport. The intimidated, the ones that have no exposure to it, or even the ones that don’t have the disposable income that it took to do this in the past. I AM HERE TO HELP YOU!

I hope this has helped you, and I hope that you enjoyed this blog, and the video that Jeff and I worked so hard to bring to you. If you did enjoy it, please let us know. If you find more value in this than entertainment, please consider becoming a member of MyFlyFishing.Club by clicking the link below:

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As usual, if you have any questions, hit us up, we will be more than happy to answer any questions that might have, except for one: Where is this? Will only be answered to our club members! (We only share this info with our Tribe)! Thanks for spending this time with me, and Tight Lines! MFF.C


Donnie Price

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