How Vrbo, Airbnb, and Hometogo have changed fly fishing.

Fly fishers used to be at the mercy of the fly fishing lodge to go to really cool places in comfort. There are new businesses that work in a new, intelligent fashion, such as the ones mentioned in the title that have changed all of that. In leu of paying a small fortune to trust others with your enjoyment, you can now be in charge of every aspect of your travels. You can literally book any accommodation that you want, World-wide. I have found deals everywhere that I would want to fish. This means that you are not locked down with the lodge guides, you can choose who you want, or you can DIY it, or even a combination of it. When traveling to a new place, I like to take out a guide at least when I first get there, this shows me the small things that take so long to learn on my own. Usually, I end up with a new friend in this location!

Here is how you can utilize this to save some bucks, and still have the experience that you crave! These companies operate with the end user in mind, so most have discounted deals, sign up for their emails. Set up the destinations that you can keep an eye out on. VRBO has a new feature called “Trip Board.” This is a pretty amazing thing, it operates allot like social media. You can “heart” places that you like, and message your friends through the app to see if they think as much of it as you. You can utilize this in a group fashion. Your friends can even vote on the locations, making it easier to wade through the possibilities as you brainstorm.

Airbnb has a pretty cool feature that allows people to host trips, and although I didn’t see any fly fishing trips available, it is just a matter of time. I think this will end up being the “Uber” of fly fishing travel. Local guides will learn to partner up with these facilities, they will hire cooks, and show people a great time for allot less money to the customer. The guide will make more money as well.

Hometogo works like a search engine for vacation rentals, and combines allot of the sites. You can use it to find the best deals searched from all sites. It claims to be the biggest search engine in vacation rentals, and you can find rentals anywhere with it.

Youtube has allot of reviews on such rentals, all that you have to do is search, we have listed one here. They made a review for a boat house, (Talk about access for fly fishing)! Pretty cool video.

MyFlyFishing.Club will start making more Hosted trips utilizing this, and other methods of renting vacation homes in the future. Keep your eyes out for these adventures, they will be allot of fun, and very affordable!

In my opinion these services have opened up fly fishing travel to a new level. You can make a very informed decision of the type of accomidations that you desire, for the price that you wish to spend. As you know, I am a huge fan of you decide! Check them out, and if you have any questions, please reach out to me any time! Tight lines! MFF.C


Donnie Price