Fly Casting; Loop Control

Master Fly Fisherman Diago Buzzurro from Argentina’s Achala Outfitters demonstrates his flawless technique in loop control in the video above. I have known Diego for 12 years, and of this time his style has never changed. The first time that I saw him demonstrating his craft was on a small Patagonian spring creek. I noticed right off that his style replicated Joan Wolfe. Sleek, styleful, artistic, and consistent.

There was no wasted movement at all. His stroke started at the 2 O’Clock position, ended at the 10 O’Clock position. He didn’t drift side to side, besides what it took to have his loop masterfully laid out to the dominant side of his cast. His loop was constantly within two feet of itself. His single, and double hauls were timely, of appropriate length, and speed. I believe that with this stroke, one could cast all day, and not need a hot tub at night. There is allot to learn from this artist’s demonstration.

Diego has agreed to provide content for our mastery series of fly casting, and you will see demonstrations throughout the rest of our content. One could easily tell; with the care that this man illustrates in his casting that he takes great pride in his craft. There is no mystery that he has so many pictures of his smiling face, and trophy fish. They were all earned before the trip even started. Take care of your practice before the trip, and you too will land more, and better fish.

If you are a beginning fly fisher, make sure to get good instruction, and you will carve years off of mastering this art. Click the below link, and sign up today! MFF.C


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Donnie Price

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