Echo Boost Salt 12 wt Review

On a recent fly fishing trip to the salt, I came to realize that my old 12 wt lacked the backbone that I wanted to slam the door shut on a big poon. So I did what any good fly angler would do as soon as I got back to the house; I researched on the internet. I found some good options, then I found a great option- the Echo Boost Salt. It was only $250, so I ordered one, and eagerely awaited the arrival. This rod came in today, and I am here to tell you that it did not disappoint. First rattle out of the box, I said to myself, “well shit, it has a second handle, and it is foam.” Then I realized that I could take it off, and all was great again. I slapped the Echo Bravo 10-12 wt reel on the rod, (Silly not to, it only cost $135… I strung it with an oversized Teeny floating line, (permit taper, designed by the late and great Lefty Kreh). This rod is a monster! It is allot faster than my old rod, (mission accomplished), but still has some flex. I noticed the finish is nothing really special, but I am the type of fly fisher that doesn't care too much about that, I would rather have great performance. I took it out to the bass pond, to give it a whirl. Nice tight loops, not clumsy, and allot lighter than what I was used to. The extra muscle that it takes to flex this rod will take some getting used to, but I like having the reserve when it is needed. This rod cast an extra large double barrel popper 95’ upwind with a little effort, I set the hook on a 4 pound bass at that distance. This rod had no problem hoisting this fish out of the salad that he wrapped himself with. It has good flex, and great strength, over all I am please with this rod. I cannot say that I am a huge fan of the foam at the end of the fighting butt, (which is huge)! And I would like to see a teflon washer between the two reel seat locks, but for the price, I think it is pretty much at the top of the market. Of corse one cannot tell until it crosses the eye-balls of the old Silver King, but short of that, I would be comfortable taking this rig as my front line on my next trip to the salt. I hope that this simple review has helped you, if it has please leave a comment below, and if you want to see more content from us, please think about becoming a member of MyFlyFishing.Club

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