Have you ever just wanted to put everything in the “real World” to your six, and just go someplace that you have never seen before? I personally have been bitten by the wonder bug recently, and I don’t think that the designated trip to the salt will cure these blues. I am thinking of going someplace exotic, beautiful, quaint. Some place with great fishing, and culture. Somewhere that few have been, but is not going to be a waste of resources. I think that I need a trip to the jungle.

I know of a company that offers such trips, they call themselves Untamed Angling, and I have to say that it looks like a pretty slick operation.  From Dorado, (I have a very high opinion of these fish), to Peacock Bass, and everything in between. If it swims in the Amazon, its tributaries, or anywhere around it, these folks have their proverbial finger on the pulse of that aspect of fishing.

I recently reached out to their camp, and found sophisticated people that are eager to get our club members to their stretch of the woods, and I can say with full confidence that I am looking very forward to taking a hosted trip very soon, perhaps in the Winter of 2019, if not sooner. When you look at these guys pictures, you see the things that I look for in trips: Lots of trophy fish, more than any other operation. Very few other people, you have to have something exclusive to have great fly fishing. Comfortable arrangements. And a great plan for travel.

The other things that I look for in the exploratory trips are complains. The fewer, the better, with this company, I found none. So if ripping a twenty to thirty pound dorado, then bow fishing with traditional, (I mean they made the bows, and arrows) is appealing to you, then you might want to check this deal out. Reach out to me, I will gladly hook you up with the info. Don’t wait to long, though, these places won’t stay virgin forever! Tight lines everyone. Donnie Price MFF.C