How to Clean Your Fly Line


The simple truth is that our most prestine of fly fishing waters are dirtier than one would imagine. If you really think of the abuse that our fly lines take, it is pretty amazing that they even stand the test of a season! Yes, fly lines have come a long way in technology, but this does little to keep them clean when they stand such abuse. Here is a simple video to show the steps of cleaning, and dressing your fly line. Also, here is a link that you can purchase Agent X fly line dressing if you don’t have it:

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Something else that is really cool is that an old brand of fly lines is taking a new stab at the market, Jim Teeny is ramping up his bid on the fly line market share, and judging by what a difference he has made in the past, he has good things in the works. Take a look at his products here:

Tight Lines!