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Nestled near the Alumine River in the Argentine Patagoina is a quaint, beautiful lodge. This lodge is on the bank of a beautiful lake, and is accomodating to a point that you would not believe for this rustic area. It is surrounded by trees that have been standing for a thousand years. The rivers are known for big trout, prolific hatches, and fish that eat dry flies at your feet. The guides here are experts at dry fly, and emerger fishing. Achala Outfitters’ best offering is thier multi day floats, where you will learn a new definition of the word “portable luxury.” On the side of the Limay, or Alumine river camps are not just comfortable, but luxurious. Food is not just tasty, but a delecacy. To this date, the best steak that has been consumed by myself was cooked on a camp fire here.


Think of what it would be like to get to fly fish Montana two hundred years ago, that is what I would imagine this place to be like. High desert river, freestone, multi-colored granite. Big, uneducated fish, and most importantly no people. On our last trip, we floated the Alumine river for three days during the green worm hatch, and th eonly other person that we saw for the whole trip was a lone Guacho, whistling on his horse, his faithful dog was leading the way. Look at the pictures of this place, you will not see other people. If solitude, and an unbastardized environment is high on your list of expectations, then this would be a great trip for you.

Our Argentine hosts, and guides far out-shot the expectation of being hospitable. They were simply amazing, Lead guide, and owner Diego Buzzurro is the best dry fly fisherman that I have ever fished with. This man is like a sniper, instead of a rifle, he has oars. He will place the drift boat in the best possible location to present to the fish without spooking it. I have never broken off so many trout due to the excitement of seeing the fish, (20-24” long, and eyes the same size as mine), slowly rise, and take my dry offering. Magical is about the only way to describe this trip. Patagonia is a magical place, one that will recharge the soul, and give you something to think about for years to come. As one could imagine, this is a trip that books early, if you wish to experience Achala, my humble advice is to book it now!


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