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MyFlyFishing.Club offers discounts for our community, and offers coaching for our members. The value is that we make it less expensive to travel, and will get you trained to perfection prior to your trip, eliminating frustration, and improving your time on the water. Give us a try, if you don’t find value, stop at any time, and at less than $10 per month, it won’t break the bank to join!





MyFlyFishing.Club Destinations

Want to know the best places to catch a certain species of fish, or which Fly Fishing Lodge to go to? We can get you to the right place! As a club member, you will not worry about an “agent” only concerned about making a commission. We truthfully want for you to have the trip of a lifetime, every time. We will coach you through our “Practice for Perfection” courses, a systemized process that will have you whipped in shape to do battle before a trip, not regretting that you went there. You can trust that our process of finding the right place, at the right time, and preparation for success process will leave you with the success that you desire.